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Stealing Kids from Mom and Dad

October 17, 2007 permalink

Most children taken for "protection" are picked up at school, or from single parents. Here is first-hand account of a seizure from the home of an intact family.



Saturday, October 13, 2007

Child Protective Services? My Ass.

So, my fiancé and I took my kids out to lunch the other day, go finish getting our Halloween costumes, etc, and on the way home, my daughter starts talking about cigarettes and alcohol being drugs. We start an in depth conversation about this, and my kids mentioned that they had an interview at school that day. Of what, we ask. Did any of your classmates get interviewd? No.

So here we are, wondering what the hell is going on, and we get home, and lo and behold there is a letter on our door requesting an interview with us. I immediately call them, and get an answering machine. I leave a message, requesting that they call me. This can't be anything, they have the wrong family, right?

No, apparently they don't. Someone called CPS on me, saying they "smelled marijuana, there was animal feces, and my house was a mess". Lets break this down. I have nine animals. A dog, two ferrets, and six sugar gliders. So yes, there will be animal feces around, you can't get rid of it, and we clean out their cages quite often. It isn't strewn about, it's in controlled animal environments. Second, my house has three adults and two highly active children in it, and I am not a housekeeper, so yes, my house will always be untidy. There is no law saying that there cannot be toys strewn about, and dishes in the sink. And marijuana?? WTF?

They came to my house yesterday, as I was in the middle of laundry. I invite them in, offer coffee, tell them about my children's family life, how good we have it, show off my Wii, and brag about my children and fiancé. Everything is going well. They ask me if I'll drug test, I immediately agree, I have nothing to hide, I had told them that I hadn't smoked pot in a long, long time.

Then they told me to go wake up my fiancé's sister to take a drug test. I told them, "I'm sorry, I can't." My future sister-in-law is a cancer survivor, she's on a CPAP machine, and on many medications due to health problems. I am not waking her up, especially as she has to go to work that night. That's when things went wrong.

They start badgering me, questions, accusations, flying all around. Why won't you wake her up? She's on medication, I can't, not even a knock at the door will wake her up. Why won't you try? Did they not just hear me? Well, can we go peek in on her?

You peek in on sleeping children. You do not peek in on sleeping adults, especially ones you have never met. Peek in on her? What the hell is that? For all I know she may not even sleep clothed, why am I going to go let complete strangers look at her?

Then I tell them that no, I will not take your silly test. When my fiancé comes home, and his sister wakes up, then we will all go down and schedule an appointment for a drug test. So, they answered me with taking my children away from me, and placing them in my mom's care, after a very cursory background check. They didn't check her identification, they didn't even look at her house. Just gave her my kids. Luckily, I have one thing they didn't count upon.

My father. San Antonio police officer, who has been through CPS's lies and strong-arm tactics, and laughed in their face. He also knows my rights, and the law. And a damned good lawyer.

This is not the end of this, and someone needs to account for why my children are not happily at home, playing with pets, toys, and their friends.

Posted by XeviousTheGreat at 12:44 PM

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