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Damaged Son

July 17, 2007 permalink

A mother using screen name Amy has posted the story of her son, returned from two years in CAS care and damaged beyond her ability to repair.



child messed up

I do not think that I am the only one who has finally got there kid back from the CAS to find they are very messed up. A year or more of trauma at their hands will do that. So the traumatized kinda messed up kid gets returned and I find that because of the CAS repeatedly degrading me, cutting me down and making me seem powerless in front of them I have so little respect from my child left to be able to help him. So how do we regain parental respect back and work despite what the CAS has spent along time damaging and taking away?

This child was removed because a really dumb negligent unqualified CAS worker heard through the school that I was taking my child to a psychiatrist for help. I had just set up an appointment for my child when he was removed by this worker alleging that — this is true and is on the warrant to apprehend and in court record — I was seeking metal health help for the child. This worker who met my child once decided on his own that he did not need it and apprehended him (to save him from seeing an expert) and thus put my son through hell and prevented any of the help I was seeking for my son. The fact I was seeking help was used against me. This worker alleged that I was mentally ill, despite the professional reports to the contrary.

Now two years later, I am still not treated for any mental health issues I do not have and my son still needs help. But now he is over the age where I can force him. Before I could. This was when they took him and prevented me from getting him this help. He is now without the help I wanted to get for him before and I believe he is worse.

Now with the added trauma from the CAS he will not leave the house. He will not socialize. He rarely showers or changes clothes. He is very verbally abusive. He shot up our last house with his bow and arrow leaving holes in most of our walls. Well he did it again. Shooting out my window and making holes in freshly painted walls. He has also come close to starting fires and has damaged furniture with fires. Now I am told that he is too old to force into treatment. I am told that I can throw him out and this will force him into treatment. I do not want a throw-away kid and having seen what government organizations have done so far (CAS) sure do not want to trust them any further.

The CAS spent all this time tearing me down in my child's eyes and diminishing me, making it even harder to parent and get his respect enough to get him help. Nope he calls me all the names that the CAS told him I was, delusional, crazy, etc (for trying to get him help). He continues to damage the house, start fires, destroy rooms and runs into his room whenever anyone comes over.

The CAS are out now, but how do I fix up the mess they made now and get my son help so he can have a quality of life?

Source: Canada Court Watch forum