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Zuker Alert

May 30, 2007 permalink

Judge Marvin A Zuker violated the criminal code by falsifying the records of his own court. There was no penalty. There will be a gathering outside his courthouse next Wednesday to draw public attention to the abuses in family courts.





and Criminal Activity involving Judge Marvin Zuker

6th June 2007
Courthouse- 47 Sheppard Avenue E

Time: 8.30 AM

Judge Zuker- A picture of Corruption

There will be a public awareness event on Wednesday June 6, 2007 at the 47 Sheppard Ave E court in Toronto. It is located just east of Yonge St on Sheppard and is fully accessible by public transportation. The focus of the event is to make the public aware of the corruption and abuse of families going on in the Ontario court. Aptly we have chosen Justice Zuker as the focus of this event. Participants will be asked to pass out flyers at the court house and in the surrounding community. An activist alert will follow as we would like to see as many people as possible come out and stand up for their rights and expose the corruption in the courts.

Distributed by:
Jeremy Swanson

Fathers and Men's Rights Activist

"For The Children”
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: (613) 237-1320 ext 2438

Source: email from Jeremy Swanson

Addendum: Here are two more items from Canada Court Watch, one promising more cases of altered records in Judge Zuker's court, the other calling for volunteers to collect petition signatures to have Judge Zuker removed from the bench. Punition toward judges is not the only way of solving the problem. The attorney general could alter court procedures to place the preparation of transcripts out of the control of judges.



More tampering with transcripts at Sheppard Ave E court claims local citizen

(June 1, 2007) - Another citizen contacted Court Watch today to advise us that his transcripts from the Sheppard Ave. E. court in Toronto have serious problems with them. According to this citizen, significant sections of what was said in court was missing from the transcripts which it would make it more difficult for him to appeal the judge's case. In light of the recent story of senior judge, Marvin Zuker, being caught for altering court transcripts, could the altering of court transcripts at the Sheppard Ave. E. courthouse be widespread? The citizen has indicated that he will be writing a letter to Court Watch for publication on this website.

Source: Canada Court Watch



Petition to remove Justice Zuker from the bench

(June 3, 2007) - Court Watch was contacted by citizens from Ontario who indicated that Justice Marvin Zuker of the Ontario Court of Justice should be removed from the bench for breaking section 139(1) and section 122 of the Criminal Code of Canada (Obstruction of Justice for tampering with transcripts and Breach of Trust). In response to the Ontario Judicial Council's inability to protect the public's interest in the administration of justice as a result of Justice Zuker's criminal acts, they have started a petition to have Justice Zuker removed from his position as judge.

If you are a citizen anywhere in Canada who would like to participate in protecting democracy and the administration of justice in Canada by assisting in the effort to have Justice Zuker removed from the bench by collecting signatures on a supplied petition form in your own area, then please send in your request to and we will put you in touch with those involved in this effort. Although many have e mailed us about Justice Zuker, please, only those who are willing to collect some signatures and submit them to their local member of Parliament need apply.

Please include your name, address and phone number as all requests will be verified by phone. An information package will be sent out participants about collecting signatures in their own areas. Participants will be expected to deliver their petitions to their our local Member of Canadian Parliament (Federal) and additionally to their local member of Ontario Provincial Parliament if they live in the Province of Ontario. This will be done in coordination with the other Canadian citizens who will participate in this initiative.

Source: Canada Court Watch

Addendum: The following letter by Marvin A Zuker, published in the Toronto Star, shows that he shares the mindset of a social worker. In solving the problems of children, two words conspicuously missing are "mother" and "father".



Toronto Star

Letter to the editor

Social inequality matter for us all

The Toronto Star, letter to the editor, by Marvin A. Zuker, Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto, Aug. 17, 2006.

re: Should 10-year-olds face a judge? Aug. 15.

With reference to Tracey Tyler's headline, I would suggest, with great respect to the minister of justice, that if the answer to crime in Canada is to lower the age of responsibility to 10 under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, then this is not the answer. Many young people today have no hope in their lives. Many think nothing about the consequences of their actions. It is as much about filling the gaps in community programs. It is as much about evening recreation events, summer jobs, and college tuition. We must begin by compensating for family disadvantage and look at the background and resources of families in need and children at risk.

Social inequality is a matter for all of us. Child protection agencies, given the expertise they provide, are far better able to deal with our youth, many of whom have mental-health disorders, developmental disabilities or are the victims of abuse, violence and neglect. We need an interdisciplinary approach to deal with the 10-year-old "criminal." Our understaffed, underfunded child protection agencies are still better equipped than the criminal justice system to deal with those under the age of 12.

It is more about keeping kids in school longer, e.g. up to 18; it's more about extending child protection to those up to 18; it's about providing the means for welfare recipients to go to college; it's about providing the opportunity for those children who have gone through our foster care system to be able to go to college. It's about parental behaviour, lack of supervision, rejection of children and the lack of involvement with children. It is about unconscious stereotyping.

The dichotomy of the child as a victim and the child as an offender is mirrored by the canyon between child welfare and corrections. If jails worked, then the United States would be the safest place on earth.

Marvin A. Zuker,

Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto

Source: Canadian Children's Rights Council