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Parentectomy for Sick Toddler

May 1, 2007 permalink

A sick child is treated by the medical/child protection systems by cutting him off from mom and dad. This is not the most common kind of protection case, but there have been many others. The story below is an edited version of the mother's own story posted to the internet.



I need advice

May 1, 2007 at 9:54pm

My 23-month-old son was apprehended from me and my husband May 5, 2006 and still remains in CAS. I have two other children who remain in our care. At the time he was apprehended he had problems one being that he had a feeding adversion and wouldn't drink and two he eventually was diagnosed with acid reflux. All these problems started at the age of two months where he found it painful to eat and wouldn't drink. He then had a feeding tube inserted in his nose and underwent several tests to see why he just wouldn't eat.

He was apprehended because CAS says me and my husband didn't pay enough attention to him and that he was malnutritioned. He has had problems since two months old and we have taken him to the hospital several times to get him help but all those times it was just put against us from CAS in court saying we didn't provide the best care for him. He remains in care and since being in care he has been in the hospital over 20 times if not a lot more for the same reasons as in our care: vomiting, coughing, gagging when on tube feeds, fevers, dehydrations, not eating, etc. He then was transferred to Ottawa's cheo sick kids hospital where they did some of their own tests and found something wrong with him. They found out that the upper sphincters in my son's stomach weren't opening and closing like they should and everything he was eating or drinking was coming right back up. So they had to go in and operate, where they wrapped some of the stomach around the esophagus to put pressure on the sphincters, plus inserted a Gtube in his tummy. He recently was vomiting again from the surgery they did, said it would prevent vomiting. He was admitted back in the hospital in the place I live and was there for a week for vomiting, gagging, and drainage around the site of his tube. He is also back on acid block medication and is out of hospital and so far is doing good.

I am currently fighting CAS and hoping something gives. I have other kids with us that are fine and healthy.

Source: Sarnis's Smoking Gun