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Zuker Protested

June 6, 2007 permalink

Here are three reports on the protest against Judge Zuker today, one by Canada Court Watch, one by an observer using screen name Litigator, and one by Fathers-4-Justice.



Citizens protest against Justice Zuker at 47 Sheppard Ave. E. courthouse in Toronto!

Zuker protest
Protesters outside of the court at 47 Sheppard Ave. E in Toronto carried signs and handed out thousands of flyers and brochures

(June 6, 2007). A group of Ontario citizens carrying signs and handing out flyers and brochures outside of the Sheppard Ave. E. courthouse in Toronto today, protested the recent judicial scandal in which Justice Marvin Zuker admitted to the Ontario Judicial Council that he had tampered with court transcripts in a court case in which he was the presiding judge. According to participants of the group, Justice Zuker should be charged criminally and that there should not be one set of laws for ordinary Canadians and another set of unwritten laws which appear to allow judges to break the law. Altering transcripts is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.

According to ex-lawyer Harry Kopyto from Toronto, Justice Zuker altered transcripts and fabricated evidence in his client's court matter. A motion will be heard at 10 am on July 3, 2007, 10:00, to have Justice of the Peace, Dunbrook, make a decision as to whether criminal charges should be laid against Justice Marvin Zuker. Mr. Kopyto indicated that there has been facing staunch resistance by the legal establishment to have charges laid against Justice Zuker. Information about this court hearing will be posted as it becomes available. Members of the public are urged to attend.

Source: Canada Court Watch

Toronto Protest a Smashing Success!!!

screen name: Litigator!
Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:39 pm

As many of you know there was a protest being held in Toronto at the 47 Sheppard Ave E courthouse this morning. This protest was about Ontario Court of Justice Judge Marvin Zuker altering court transcripts and breaking the law. I am pleased to report that the protest was a huge success. People came from far and wide. We had huge signs, a gallows with a hanging Judge and a megaphone being contantly manned. We gathered a large number of signatures on our petition to have Justice Zuker removed from the bench. Cars were stopping in the street to request the flyers being handed out. There was a steady crowd of people who were quite disturbed to learn of this. The Police were present and trying to intimidate people however they were generally well behaved lol. There were supporters present from a number of citizen's rights groups including, F4J or Father 4 Justice, Canada Court Watch and the Citizen's Coalition for Judicial Accountability.

Source: Canada Court Watch message board

... our brothers and sisters in the fight for Justice were all descending on the Sheppard St. Courthouse protesting the institutionalized corruption that is manifested in the criminal behavior of INJustice Zucker. We were thinking about you. Hopefully that will be the start of a core of people who will go out twice a week at that courthouse.

The day was a little cool and windy but mostly uneventful. A lot of the regulars and people who have already signed the petition. Their is a Female Lawyer who says she was stalked by Fathers 4 Justice and they even killed her dog. It was not anyone I know. A couple of months back she talked to me a little more and it turned out it was something that apparently happened years ago, sounds like it was in the days of Fathers FOR Justice. In telling the story she comes off as quite loony.

Detective Hanlon also came out who has warned me twice about affixing signs to the fence. Jeet wanted to put up the banner so I said OK but no tying it down. Luckily it blew over just before he came out.

Denis Van Decker
York Region Coordinator
Fathers 4 Justice Canada

Source: Fathers-4-Justice

Addendum: There is a slide show of the Zuker protest.

Zuker protest