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Fathers Arrested Preemptively

June 16, 2007 permalink

Police in England have arrested nine fathers who were not committing any acts, out of fear that they might carry out another Fathers-4-Justice stunt. Here are two reports, one from F4J, the other from the BBC.



News has been received from our activist brothers in the United Kingdom that 9 F4J members of Fathers 4 Justice have been arrested "as a precautionary measure" by MI5 agents within London in the past few hours. F4J sources within Special Branch indicate this was a planned operation by the UK intelligence service in advance of a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Currently 9 parents are being held by police. it is not as yet clear whether this security 'operation' has or will extend to F4J and allied operations in other countries. More information will be forwarded as it becomes available.

Source: email from Jeremy Swanson

Protest at royal parade prevented

Campaigners failed to stage a stunt in front of the Queen when nine arrests were made before Trooping the Colour.

The Fathers 4 Justice group had planned to handcuff a member to the monarch's carriage at her annual birthday parade.

But police said they made the arrests before the event began and released the group without charge once it was over.

A police statement said: "The arrests took place prior to any principals passing and were due to vigilant, robust and decisive police action."

He said the arrests were made to prevent a breach of the peace, as part of a large proactive policing operation.

A spokesman for Fathers4Justice said they had other demonstrations planned.

He added they had previously engaged in dialogue but it was now a "war of attrition".

Source: BBC