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Lake Family Termination

June 15, 2007 permalink

Two years ago we reported on the girl Emily Lake maced and taken from her mother in Oregon for forceful repatriation to the state of Michigan. Here is the follow-up on July 6, 2006

The state of Michigan has now moved to terminate parental rights in this case, turning the girl into a paper orphan.



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Michigan Alert

Michigan Parents call to action, in support of Midland mother scheduled for TPR hearing.

Notice to Michigan Parents! Please mark your calendars for August 27th 2007. We need anyone who can make him or herself available to assist one of our sisters Lynnae Lake in Midland, MI, because the state is attempting to terminate her parental rights.

We want to flood this courtroom like never before. We want people outside the courthouse with signs showing our disgust in a system that steals children for profit.

I have attended hearings with Ms. Lake and I can tell you first-hand that the attorney for DHS recommended termination of her parental rights, because the case workers didn't get along with her. The GAL recommended termination because she didn't complete 1 of 6 releases of information.

At no time did any of them state that their recommendation was based on her neglecting or abusing her child.

This is yet another case of a child being Kidjacked by the state, in order to obtain adoption bonuses. Now is the time for us to come together and be heard! Please lend your support to the worthy cause of opposing yet another instance of parental rights violations.

(Permission is granted post this alert to all groups.)

Ron Smith

Source: Ron Smith, relayed by Annette M. Hall

The Terminator

Addendum: A lawsuit filed by Lynnae Lake against the state of Michigan (MS-word format) may be the motive for termination of parental rights. It is easier for the state to terminate rights than to win the lawsuit. Once rights are terminated, the suit will be dismissed on grounds of lack of standing.