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CAS Harasses F4J Member

March 5, 2007 permalink

Fathers-4-Justice has had success in drawing press attention to the injustices of family court, and consequently its members come under intense scrutiny from agenicies with police power. This press release from Jeremy Swanson gives more on the soldier, Ken Sandall, harassed by children's aid.




In November 2006, the Ottawa office of the Children's Aid Society (CAS) investigated the former Ottawa Fathers-4-Justice (F4J) Coordinator for being a member of that group. According to Ken Sandall and another source who was interview by CAS, questions of Mr. Sandall's F4J membership and activities were posed. An official CAS document obtained clearly states that CAS had unverified child protection concerns but pursued the investigation of Mr. Sandall regardless.

While earlier acting in the position as Ottawa-area F4J Coordinator, Mr. Sandall received emails from the CAS making inquiries and demanding information about local F4J policies and activities. When Mr. Sandall did not comply, a damaging and defamatory child protection investigation was launched against Mr. Sandall. According to CAS, they received a mysterious, anonymous complaint-which could not be verified-accusing Mr. Sandall of many false allegations. However, according to Mr. Sandall, CAS' investigation went far beyond the issues and indications provided by this 'phantom' email from an un-named source. The resulting CAS interrogative-style interview of Mr. Sandall was focused on his F4J membership and allegations that the CAS investigator later admitted were not part of that 'phantom' email or any of the allegations contained therein

Mr. Sandall's activities with F4J were limited at the time of his service due to the fact that he is a current serving member of the Canadian Forces. Mr. Sandall supported F4J in a supportive, organizational and administrative capacity. However, after three short months, he was forced to resign as the F4J Ottawa Coordinator for family reasons. Mr. Sandall states that he was not bullied into leaving the F4J position, as the decision was clearly family-orientated. He still maintains his basic membership in F4J and other Fathers and Family Rights groups.

Questioned Saturday Mr Sandall ventured "Is participation in F4J or any other father's rights groups illegal ? Does being a father's rights supporter constitute a danger to children? CAS seems to think so " he said.

Mr. Sandall tried to directly address the CAS investigation from the local CAS Ottawa office up to the CAS' provincial office in Toronto. He received no replies to phone calls and emails and the official reaction appears to ignore all attempts at communication in this matter. Mr. Sandall has launched a complaint to CAS, as well as his Member of Parliament and the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario.

"I fear that, CAS will attempt to 'find' and launch another allegation against me in response to my complaint and attempt at redress against them " said Mr Sandall.


Jeremy Swanson (613) 237-1320 ext 2438
Ken Sandall (613) 249-9470
cell (613) 794-7435
Jeremy Swanson
(613) 237-1320 ext 2438
Ken Sandall
(613) 249-9470 cell (613) 794-7435

Source: email from Jeremy Swanson