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Complaint on Membership List

March 21, 2007 permalink

John Dunn, earlier denied the membership list for his local children's aid society, has filed a complaint with the Law Society of Upper Canada. Getting the membership list was an adjunct to an application for membership, also denied. The members elect the board of directors, who operate the society. Whether he succeeds or fails, he has already demonstrated that membership is futile as a means of bringing about reform from within. Claims by CAS proponents that the board of directors is a control over the agency are baseless.



Ottawa, ON, March 20, 2007: CAS Ottawa committed the offence of violating section 307 (5) of the Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C-38 by not providing a list of the Society's members upon request in accordance with section 307 (1) of the Act..

Complaints have been filed under Rule 2 of the Rules of Professional Conduct with the Law Society of Upper Canada against the following Lawyers in connection with the offence. (documents)

Robert C. Morrow, a Lawyer working with Burke-Robertson Barristers & Solicitors in Ottawa who appears to have acted as retained lawyer by CAS in this matter and particpated in the committing of the offence.

Tracey Engelking, a Lawyer employed by the offending Children's Aid Society of Ottawa who was made aware of the Society's decision to commit the offence.

Rick O'Connor, a Lawyer who acted as the Children's Aid Society's Board of Directors' Vice President who also actively and aggressively participated in the Society's offence.

Source: afterfostercare website, by John Dunn