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Record CAS Meetings

March 19, 2007 permalink

The greatest fear of social services is exposure. They fight tooth and nail to stay out of the press, and they fear video and audio recording of their actions. Today's discussion on Sarnia's Smoking Gun shows just how great is their fear of recordings. Readers with revealing recordings should forward them to Dufferin VOCA or Canada Court Watch for posting to the internet.



Topic: Brant cas worker complains about "COURTWATCH"

Rob Ferguson wrote:

Late last week I was contacted by two parents with very similar stories. It seems that a CAS worker in Brantford has put up a fight against Canadacourtwatch's teaching of recording court and cas meetings. One parent produced an affidavit suggesting indeed the worker has fears of the practice of recording meetings. I advised both parents to continue the good fight and contact Brant MPP (for now) Dave Levac.

litigator answered:

Maybe the Brant CAS worker would like to complain about Litigator supporting recording of visits and court hearings too. This is for all CAS workers reading this Board.

The public is well aware of the suggestive and leading questions used by you CAS workers when interviewing children. You frequently submit perjured evidence to the court by way of affidavit and are rarely held accountable for your actions. If you people exercised due diligence when conducting your investigations and told the truth, people would not have to record you covertly. Innocent people have nothing to hide and would not care either way about being recorded. Guilty people immediately begin complaining because they know damn well the tapes will incriminate them. So to all you workers out there, you should be interviewing children on video tape as the police do so we the parents can see the methods you use to elicit information from our children

darrensgirl answered:

My worker and supervisor had told me to stay away from Canada Court Watch saying it's giving out false information. I have a meeting sometime this week with the supervisor over the letter I wrote to them about a worker change.

Guess they didn't like the comment that the workers own personal problems are clouding her judgement.

Source: Sarnia's Smoking Gun