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Junk Science Research

April 26, 2007 permalink

The following post from a survey participant shows how CAS gets its research results favoring more services. The formal name for this technique is advocacy research.



posted by Barb, Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:45 am

warning CAS conducting new study

I was contacted by the CAS and asked if I would like to participate in a study by McMaster University and answer questions of the 'services' provided by the CAS. So I jumped at the chance to tell how they can improve and how much they actually damaged our life. I thought I could contribute to a good study that could make changes.

Boy am I brain damaged. I would think that by now I would know how they would run their studies. This of course is being paid by the CAS.

The questions were such: How much money do I have? Am I able to provide food clothing needs? Do I work? Do I get any enjoyment in life? How is my mood now? Any problems feeling happy lately?

OK. I am in poverty now BECAUSE of the CAS. No room for that answer. True or false?

No I don't work because I have to spend all my time getting ready for court and making affidavits. No room for that answer either. I worked BEFORE CAS intervention.

Am I sad, overwhelmed, feeling helpless? YES, BECAUSE OF CAS intervention. Nope no room for that answer.

There were no questions as to how I like the services from the CAS. There were no questions of how it has affected me. Nope. This questionnaire kept stating that I have received services from the CAS and by participating I could receive more services. I have never received services. If they service me anymore I will be homeless.

I see from this questionnaire that in three years when this is done that the CAS will state that all the families they HELP are stressed, overwhelmed, depressed and impoverished. They will use this to give more 'services.'

Source: Canada Court Watch forum