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Plea of the Day

April 23, 2007 permalink

The exchange below occurred today on Sarnia's Smoking Gun. A teenager using screen name foster kid posted a plea for help. It is repeated below without spelling or grammar correction. Following that are two replies by the webmaster Dean Robinson.



I just want to go home

foster kid 12:26pm

Im 13 years old and live in a group home I was put here by a lady from children aid. and I want to go home. I have been here for 6 weeks and have only got to see my mother once, when I seen her she was crying and sad because I was taken away. my mother is not a bad mother the lady that took me said she needed help because she had a hard time taking care of me. she came to my school one day and took me to McDonalds then took me to get some new jeans, I may be only 13 but im not stupid I know she was trying to get me to say that my mother was mean to me and thats not true. she ask if my mother hit me I said that she has slaped me but its because I swore at her. now I feel like im being punished because of something I did. if I didnt swear would I be here. I just want to go home.

they will not let me call my mom and I know she has called here because i heard them tell her not to call here any more or the will call the police. when i went to see her at the visiting place they said she never came but i seen her car in the parking lot. i know they are lieing to me. and they are lieing to the police to. I miss my mom and my dog. please let me go home I love you mom


Dean Robinson

Stacy I removed your last and your email name because I know that the CAS watches this board. If they catch you they will try to keep you away from the computers in your school. I have your email. I will write to you and pass along messages to your mom. I know at 13 you know your home number. Pass it back to me in an email and I'll call your mom and give her your email address. Be careful not to let anyone see you emailing or posting. And don't talk to anyone from the CAS unless you have a lawyer with you, if you don't have a lawyer yet, tell them you want one now. Stacy you have legal rights too.

If there is anyone, other kids that want to post messages to their folks, let me know. I'll set up a private email server for you and call your parents and give them the email addresses. The thing is the CAS is trying to pump lies into your head or spin the truth so you go against your mom and dads. Don't let them mislead you.

Source: Sarnia's Smoking Gun

Addendum: The next day Dean Robinson added:



Well here's the update. I talked to the mother last night and her daughter is to be placed back in her care this week. It seems that her ex-boyfriend is a cop with a grudge. The CAS became involved with this family after she dumped him for being an over-aggressive goof. The funny part of this story is this lady's brother is a lawyer. When she and her brother went to the office to file the plan of care yesterday, the CAS decided it was in the best interest of the child to be reunited with her mother and the case closed. I'm assuming that they figured that this was a family bond that could not be broken.

I'm going to say this again. If you stand your ground, don't take shit from this bunch of idiots, they will back down. The public is becoming more aware of how they manipulate the law and how morally incorrect this society really is.