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No Questions Allowed

April 22, 2007 permalink

Canada Court Watch started a discussion on the subject: Being a foster parent does have risks. Below is a posting under screen name former foster parent.



Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 3:12 pm
subject: Being a foster parent does have risks

I just read the article on the Court Watch website about the risks associated with being a foster parent.

How very true it is.

My wife and I once had a child in our care from the CAS. The CAS started telling us that we were to stop the girl who was almost 12 from communicating with her parents and that we were to listen in on her phone conversations. We were never told why she should not speak to her parents.

They had this girl on Ritalin as well.

As we got to know the girl we could see how much she just wanted to talk to her parents and her siblings who still lived at their parents home. The girl also got sick on the Ritalin.

When we started to ask questions about the Ritalin and why this girl could not speak to her family, we were told by the CAS worker that it was none of our business and due to confidentiality, they could not say anything to us.

Suddenly about a week later, we got a call from the CAS worker who said that our foster child would not be coming home from school and that they were transferring her somewhere else. No explanation. This girl liked our place and we enjoyed her being here.

As far as my wife and I were concerned, the reason why they took her away was because we started to ask questions out of concern for her best interests.

We've never been asked to take in another foster child since even though we hear that there is a shortage of foster homes in our area. Its clear that the CAS workers do not want people questioning what they do.

Source: Canada Court Watch discussion board. There is no way to identify of the author.