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CCW Message Board Returns

April 17, 2007 permalink

Canada Court Watch opened a new Public Discussion Forum on April 10. The new board requires registration to post, but not to read, messages. A posting on April 11 describes an effort by the Office of the Children's Lawyer to muzzle Canada Court Watch by forcing unfavorable documents off its website. There is nothing to indicate the result of the hearing scheduled for last Thursday.



Children's Lawyer's Office attempts to silence complaints

posted by justice

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:38 pm

This is right off the Fathers Battling Injustice site Call we need all those that are close to show support. Lets let them know this was a big mistake. If they lose we will get national attention now and it should!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Court Watch Supporters

The Office of the Children's Lawyer has filed a motion against Canada Court Watch and Mr. Vern Beck to remove documents from the Court Watch Website which cast the the Children's Aid Society and the Office of the Children's Lawyer in a bad light.

This is an attempt to remove criticizm of their organizations and to set a dangerous precident to erode the freedom of the press in order to prevent individuals and organizations from saying bad things about them in the future.

The presence of supporters of Court Watch would be helpful and their presence at court would be appreciated. The presence of members of the public in the court sends a strong message to the court that people are concerned and that the Judge must be just.

Mr. Vern Beck will be presenting arguments to the court in defence of Court Watch and members of the public (you) who have been adversly affected by these organizations. To those who have received help or information from Mr. Beck or Court Watch in the past, it is time to return the favour by showing your support in court.

Time: 9:30 am (sharp) on Thursday April 12, 2007

Source: Canada Court Watch message board