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Lawsuit Ends

April 13, 2007 permalink

The Supreme Court of Canada has ended a lawsuit seeking funding for the treatment of autistic children. If successful, the suit would have removed the power to appropriate tax funds from the legislature and given it to the courts, and would have increased the amount of money and power for social services, further diminishing the role of parents in the lives of children.

Correction: In an earlier version of this item, we mistakenly said this was the Anne Larcade suit. That is another pending matter.



Posted AT 10:25 AM EDT ON 12/04/07

Supreme Court spurns autism appeal

Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear an appeal from a group of Ontario families seeking money for specialized treatment for autistic children.

Robin Wynberg,  front, with her  legal team
Robin Wynberg, front, with her legal team in a civil suit over special education for autistic children, from left, Pheroze Jeejeebhoy, Jonathan Strug and Mary Eberts. (Tibor Kolley/Globe and Mail files)

The 28 families initially won a court ruling over government financing for costly intensive behavioural therapy, but that was overturned by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

As is usual in leave-to-appeal rulings, the court gave no reasons for its decision.

A Senate committee last month recommended that Canada develop a national plan to deal with autism, including new measures to help families saddled with huge bills for therapy.

Source: Globe and Mail