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Candidate Wants Protection from CAS

January 19, 2007 permalink

Rob Ferguson has announced that he will be a candidate for Provincial parliament in the election this October.



As a candidate in the October 4 2007 election for the The Family Coalition party. I keep getting asked what will or would change if elected. Simply said I have spent four years fighting for family rights, been to hundreds of homes and spoken to 1000s all in regards to CAS and CFSA. I think its time that we go back to prove your case first, assist families with more family-friendly groups and services. Where accountability really meant that.

whereas - Government obligations
Government has a fundamental obligation to protect and promote the well being of the family and family members through measures of political, economic, social and juridical character, which aim at consolidating the unity and stability of the family.

whereas - Children and Family Services
The Family Coalition will limit the power of Children and Family Services (old CAS) and have their powers fall under the principles of fundamental justice. Due process, innocent until proven guilty, substantiated evidence, the right to face your accusers are some of the principles that must be re-established.

whereas - Training
Require child protective services workers to be trained in their duty to protect the statutory and constitutional rights of those they are investigating.

whereas - Requirement to advise
Require child protective services personnel to advise individuals subject to a child abuse and neglect investigation of the complaint or allegation made against them

whereas - Citizen Review Panels
Require "Citizen Review Panels" to provide for public outreach and comment in order to assess the impact of current procedures and practices upon children and families in the community and in order to meet its obligations.

I know that The Family Coalition party has its work cut out for them but we could make a difference.

thank you

Rob Ferguson
(former NDPer)

candidate for the Family Coalition party Brant riding

Source: Sarnia's Smoking Gun