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Children Snatched

February 28, 2007 permalink

The mother identified only by her maiden name Lisa Sweet has lost her children again. Below are two posts by the mother to Sarnia's Smoking Gun about yesterday's apprehension.



CAS took the kids at 12.30 pm today, based on saying I missed appointments. I have the letters from both the dentist and the doctor saying that I haven't missed any appointments all. Then they say my kids are dirty, the school called yet they do not call on the girl who threatens to kill her kids. The principal just doesn't like me. My kids are never dirty. It's that the worker cannot get my husband on drugs or anything like that. They want six months and that stupid court clinic assesment thingy.

My mother-in-law wants to sue them now as we have done everything that they want us to do.

On Friday my oldest daughter threw a fit at school, so they called CAS on me saying they are concerned.

I'm not sure how I'm going to fight it this time as no matter what I do nothing is good enough for that worker.

I want a worker change but they refuse, she is way to biased against me to begin with.

They let my ex friend threaten her kids with I'm gonna shoot you you stupid ..... she locked him in his room when he got suspended from last Thursday until today. Yet CAS turns their heads because her kids are 4 and 5 and don't know how to talk yet.

I want to take it to the media but im not sure how to.


Thanks bizzi, I'm so heartbroken right now, had to watch them take my four-year-old away crying. As soon as she saw the police outside and the worker she started shaking and freaking out. I don't blame her.

I asked to see the papers, they had they refused to let us see them. I asked for the kids to go to family and they started asking if the kids knew them, how old they were if they were married, etc, then told me that they haven't even called but I know they did.

My mother-in-law wants to sue them, but I told her I wouldn't even know where to start with that. The worker has told me she will get my kids no matter what, anyway they split them up again.

They try to tell me no money is involved, yeah right, I'm one of the bought children I know better than that.

They want six months, I know if I give it to them I've definitly lost for sure. It all stemmed with the eight-year-old throwing tantrums at school which only seems to happen after the worker on an almost daily basis harassess them at school.

She, the worker, followed me home from school on Friday, we just got in the door not even 5 min before she got here, so there were coats on the floor and she didn't like that and there was water and mud from the kids boots that I was cleaning up as she came in the door. Doesn't seem to get this is natural for this time of year.

I will submit pics to the courts as they say my kids are always dirty, I'm one of those that loves lots of pictures so I take them at random. Guess its a good thing I do that as the kids are not dirty in one of them neither is my house.

The police looked at the worker kind of funny when I asked her why someone across the street was allowed to say she was going to shoot her four-year-old and continually belittles him and screams at him. No answer from her, but I know why, its because that girls kids at four and five don't even have the language skills of a two-year-old so they don't want to adopt them as people here only want good kids not from drug addicted families.

Source: Sarnia's Smoking Gun