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Family Under Attack

February 27, 2007 permalink

Here is an item found on the internet that will probably be gone soon, when CAS bullies the parents. Past indiscretions, real or imagined, cannot be forgiven by CAS.



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February 23

Hello world!!

Greetings to everyone,

This is the first time I have ever posted on here. So please bare with me. I'm not quite sure what to say. So I will give you some info on my myself and my husband.

John and I have been married since September 2006. Things are going really great he is a wonderful man. We have a little girl. She was born in June 2006. She isn't home right now; she was taken by the Children's Aid Society at birth.

My husband and I have been working very hard to get her home for the last eight months. You see to make the long story short; they(CAS) believe that they have just cause to have her. I made some really bad choices when I was younger and I lost two girls to them four years ago after fighting for two and half years. I had to give them up because I had no other options. So that is just part of the reason why my new little angel is not home. The other reason is about as far off course as it could be. They(CAS) claim to have charges against my husband on an assault from 1993. The reason I say the charges are outrageous and do not have any substance is that when the supposed assault happened he wasn't even in the country. My husband had left home in 1992 and lived in the states for one year then moved to Alberta where he stayed for 9 years. He returned in 2001. Nothing was ever said about charges against him that whole time period. Now that we have a daughter together they(CAS) seem to think they can take her because apparently in their eyes people don't grow up and change.

I am rather upset that they can do this to families. My husband and I are devoted christians and are no longer struggling with our past. God gave us our daughter to raise her ourselves not for the CAS to take.

Well I think that is enough for now. Talk to you all soon.


Kimberley with daughter

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