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Girl's Health Imperiled

February 14, 2007 permalink

The girl Jessica, subject of our story on her mother Christine Long, was in custody of children's aid for two years. The girl has medical problems that need attention, as indicated by the picture below taken early in 2005. It would be helpful for her physician to examine the records of diagnosis and treatment for the years she was in the care of children's aid. The children's aid society refuses to release the records to the mother, and even the child's physician cannot see them.


Addendum Here are two letters from the mother, one to children's aid, the other to MPP Andrea Horwath. As you read the letters, try to figure out whether the children's aid society has more concern for the welfare of children, or money.



February 15th, 2007

Ms. Jacalyn Walters
Acting Senior Counsel
The Children's Aid Society of Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 4B9

Dear Ms. Walters,

Re: My File

Thank you for your letter regarding the process involved obtaining a copy of my file concerning my daughter Jessica Morison and myself.

Before making the decision to incur the cost of obtaining a copy of the file, I would like to be advised of important information I need in order to decide. Please answer the following 9 questions:

  1. The disclosure clerk's estimated dollar amount (the 50% upfront.)
  2. What is the estimated amount of time it will take for the preparation of the material?
  3. To whom I direct payment.
  4. The address to direct payment.
  5. The payment methods: Credit Card, Money Order, Cheque, Cash
  6. Since I must pay you the remainder 50% before obtaining the file please advise me of the following
    1. Am I allowed a copy of the entire file and/or
    2. What will the file consist of? or
    3. What the file will not consist of?
  7. The amount of time, in days, will it take before I can obtain the file?
  8. Please direct me to the policies that support these procedures.
  9. Do I have access to your policies or must I request them? If I do have access to your policies where and how may I locate them?

I look forward to your reply.


Christine Long


Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario
Maggie DiDomizio

Source: email from Christine Long

Hi Andrea:

Just a update on what is going on with Hamilton CAS and myself. I have requested Jessica;s medical files as I have concerns on what this picture is that I have attached and going over notes that were given to me it says it could be 3 possibilities ..

  1. that it started out as step throat and was not caught in time and turned into Scarlet Fever
  2. that it was a allergic reaction to amoxcillian
  3. a vial infection.

Now in saying that the first 2 are concerning as if she did have a reaction that bad then she cannot go near that drug again or nay in that family of drugs And if she had Scarlet Fever then we need to as she should be checked for any heart damage as this does o cure sometimes.

At first CAS just stalled me and then I wrote them back and CC it to IPC and the ombudsman and a few government officials, now they have handed this off to the lawyers and wrote stating that if I wanted the info then I would have to pay $65/hr plus 0.30/per copy for any information I request. As for the investigation on the pictures I sent them it has gone to intake to the person in charge of foster placement and Dominic as of last week. So I will let you know if I receive anything from them I have sent them back a letter asking a few questions in regards to their request for payment so we will see were that goes and how they respond.

Thank you for continuing to fight for families that get railroad by the CAS.

Christine Long

Source: email from Christine Long