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Soldier Investigated for Years

November 28, 2006 permalink

Here is a pair of emails from a soldier and father showing how easy it is to disrupt a parent's life with accusations, even ones that strain credulity.




I have been to several conflicts in this world where I have experienced or witnessed many horrible things. Some of these things took a long time to go away; some of them will probably never go away. But in no place have I endured the longest horror, not the worst, but the longest, than in my own backyard.

The culprit - my ex-spouse or her associates. The weapon - Social, police and court services.

There has been another strike against me; a nuclear blast. Children's Aid Society (CAS).

I am being accused of many things, some of which are not clear yet. CAS has contacted several people in their investigation; two of whom, including my daughter, have reported back to me. The accusations so far are that I was selling drugs to children, driving drunk and without a license or insurance, beating my daughter, possession of illegal weapons, child abandonment, illegally maintaining custody of my daughter and child support issues. At this point, I was told the complaint was from an anonymous source! Oh, really!

This is the sixth false allegation complaint against me in the past six years. All of these allegations conveniently launched before a hearing, trial or other legal process. All of them pertained to crimes against children or crimes of a heinous nature. I have been arrested, computer seized (then returned), suspended from military duty, temporarily banned from public places (although some banishments still exist in my former province), interrogated countless times, humiliated, life threatened, career stalled (now back on track), bankrupt, most rights violated and so many other personal atrocities that I am unable to collect them in my thoughts at this time.

NOT ONCE, NOT EVEN ONE TIME, was I ever charged with a crime, given a court order or even appeared at a hearing for these allegations. NOTHING! Later I was granted custody of my daughter and now hold a higher Federal security clearance.

Today, I am being "interviewed" in Ottawa where I have the right to legal counsel. I hope the "interviewers" are good, because I am a trained interviewer and negotiator with related skills that I am not at liberty to mention here.

Make no mistake, I am under fire. CAS is not involved to determine the best interest of my daughter; they are gathering evidence to destroy me, a father, in their greater mission to destroy all fathers.

After my "interview" this afternoon, I will, if possible, inform this group of the results, as appropriate.


Ken Sandall

All Fathers:

The original Children's Aid Society (CAS) complaint that was officially brought to my attention Thursday, 23 November 2006 is now concluded.


Through my own interviewing techniques and associated skills, feedback from my daughter and the information provided by the CAS worker, the following was discovered:

  1. The official complaint was an anonymous email from a female.
  2. There was absolutely no attempt by CAS to verify the validity of the complaint.
  3. Accusations are (really, I am serious about these):
    1. I am a hit man for my family that is supposed to be a large mob-type cartel. In actual fact, the Sandalls are a small fragmented family in Canada.
    2. I give drugs to my daughter and I am a drug dealer at her high school.
    3. While extremely drunk in my home, I give my car to 14-year-olds so they can go to the LCBO to buy me more alcohol. Hello! They are 14, how will they buy it! Plus I provide the same to them.
    4. I have multiple serious sexual crimes, weapons offences and I have killed someone.
    5. I am, or was, a member of Fathers-4-Justice.
    6. I have a cache of illegal weapons.


The facts are simple. I do not have a criminal record. In fact, I hold an elevated Federal security clearance, am a responsible and decorated military professional. CAS interviewed several people including my daughter who, as I did, laughed at the notions above. Through documentation, I proved that the above just was not true. Furthermore, I explained to CAS, that if they had taken a few minutes, just a few, where they could have checked into the background of the complaint, at a glance, they would have discovered it was a false allegations.

Moreover, about one-quarter to half of their investigation was internally spawned by CAS itself. All the issues of child abuse, abandonment and care and custody of my daughter came from CAS. I confirmed this from a phone interview I had with CAS.


As a result of CAS' negligence, some of my daughter's friends are banned from my home. My daughter's school administration is aware of the situation as are many students.

CAS has closed the file indicating, not that the allegations were clearly false, but the further CAS intervention will not be required.


CAS told me that the complaint "clearly met the criteria for a full CAS investigation". Had they checked into the background, just a little, the investigation would have been stopped immediately. CAS moved forward on an anonymous ludicrous complain with no merit at all and without any concern for my, or my daughter's personal being. "In the best interests of the child" my ass! In addition, had I been the criminal as suggested by the complaint, CAS might have destroyed an ongoing police investigation by having a social worker interfering with what they perceived as a criminal matter.

I have to take off for work now. This was fast and furious. Any person may use this email for any purpose they choose. I release all rights.

Ken Sandall

Source: fathers_in_action email group