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Parents Bullied

October 5, 2006 permalink

Alex Jones has obtained a copy of a letter threatening parents with jailing of their children and loss of custody for picking their children up more than fifteen minutes late. The following paragraphs are from a letter sent by the Tell City Junior High School to parents. The Friday classes were first brought to the parents' attention on Thursday, leaving little time for scheduling.

Dear parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) of ________________

We are writing to inform you that your child has been assigned Friday School as a result of missed homework assignments. The purpose of Friday School is to give students the opportunity to catch up with their classmates. Each student will be instructed to complete the work they have missed, to work on homework that is due, and to review material that is relevant to their classes.

Friday School is supervised by two teachers and lasts from 3:15pm until 6:15pm. Please make arrangements to pick up your child before 6:30 pm. Should your child not be picked up, arrangements have been made with the Tell City Police Department to have them housed at the police station. We have also been informed that should it be necessary for the Tell City Police to intervene, it is their intention to also involve the Perry County Office of Family and Children.

Should your child be absent from school on Friday, his/her absence must be excused by a doctor, and your child will be scheduled for the following Friday School. Should the absence be unexcused, your child will be suspended from school.

Please sign on the space indicated at the bottom of this letter.

For the full report, including video of children bullied without benefit of counsel, refer to prisonplanet.