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Foster Scams Parents

October 27, 2006 permalink

Here is another danger for parents who get their children taken in the name of protection. In this bizarre case, the foster mother apparently gave the children back to the parents, then tried to get them charged with kidnapping. It almost worked.



Amber Alert Falsely Reported

Midwest City, Okla.-- What had appeared to be a violent abduction of three innocent children has now turned into a false reporting of a crime, which caused an unnecessary Amber Alert to be issued statewide across Oklahoma.

On Thursday around 4:30 p.m., 26-year-old Carmen Hipshire called 911 and stated three children whom are under her foster care were allegedly taken at gunpoint from her by Rhonda Anderson and Marcel Bonds, the biological parents.

Officials say during the 911 call, Hipshire was very convincing and actually cried while describing what happened.

As a result of the initial report, a statewide Amber Alert was issued asking for public assistance in locating the children along with Anderson and Bonds.

Anderson eventually called the Midwest City Police Department, turning herself in along with the missing children after hearing she was wanted in connection with the abduction.

A short time later, Bonds also came to the Midwest City Police Department to speak with investigators.

Police say during the investigation, facts were obtained from Anderson, Bonds, the children and other witnesses. They all indicated Hipshire falsified the original abduction call.

A motive is still unknown.

Hipshire was taken into custody late Thursday evening on a municipal charge of interfering with an official police investigation and released on bond. Both Anderson and Bonds are now classified as victims instead of felony suspects in this case.

Friday, the Midwest City Police Department is conferring with Oklahoma County District Attorney's office and will be presenting a misdemeanor state charge of "falsely reporting a crime which causes an Amber Alert to be issued."

Any person convicted of violating this statute is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of not less that $1,000, or both.

Source: KSBI-TV

Addendum: Later news reports clarified the motive. The foster mother wanted to collect foster payments without caring for the children full-time, so sent them back to their parents without telling social services. The foster mom panicked when she heard that a social worker was about to visit, and made up the kidnap story.