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I am not a Crook

October 21, 2006 permalink

On October 18, 2006 the Hamilton Spectator published an article titled So Many Failed to Save Ilya about a fourteen-year-old boy Ilya murdered by his stepfather Miteiko early on Boxing Day, 2003. The article contained the paragraph:

But nothing could stop Miteiko. Not court orders. Not the probation system. Not immigration officials. Not the police. Not the Children's Aid Society. Not the security company Svetlana Kapustyan hired to watch over her and her son.

In this case in which it could improve the image of CAS, Dominic Verticchio issued the denial below. Remember that the next time you hear a CAS worker claim he cannot comment on a case because of confidentiality.



Hamilton CAS was not involved in sad case of Ilya

(Oct 21, 2006)

Re: 'So Many Failed to Save Ilya' (Column, Oct. 18)

Susan Clairmont raises the question: Where was the Children's Aid Society "in all of this?"

Members of the public, including professionals who work with children, must promptly report any suspicions that a child is or may be in need of protection to a children's aid society.

Unfortunately, the article implies that the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton was involved with this case and did not take action to ensure this youth's safety, which is not the case. I want to clarify that the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton was not in any way notified of or involved in this case.

-- Dominic Verticchio, Executive Director, Children's Aid Society of Hamilton

Source: Hamilton Spectator