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Cathy Norris

October 11, 2006 permalink

Cathy Norris is in jail.

It is not lawful to say why. In some cases of this kind, we have described the circumstances without mentioning the name. This time we think it is more important to give the name, without associating her with a case. Canada is following the lead of despotic tyrants who previously were the only ones to lock people away for secret reasons.

Addendum: Here is a follow-up report dated October 12:

[name suppressed] and I went to Cathy's home and I went and knocked on the door. There was an SPCA paper stuck in the door that there was a complaint of an abandoned animal reported. The video cameras were pointed away from the front door, the mail box was off the house and then when I went to leave the police pulled up behind me but let me go without being questioned. No, there is no way to get near the house without being watched.

Source: too sensitive to mention