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Barrie Mom Charged

November 21, 2006 permalink

A mother who killed one twin at birth, then gave birth to another, has been charged with murder. According to Canada Court Watch, Barrie family courts took the surviving child from his dad and gave custody to the homicidal mom for most of the last year.



November 21, 2006

Mom charged with murdering newborn


BARRIE -- A mom accused of giving birth to a baby girl, stuffing her in a plastic bag and then hiding her in the trunk of a car was charged with first-degree murder yesterday and released on bail.

Jody Ann Lee, 34, who was already facing charges of neglecting to obtain assistance in the delivery of a child and concealing the body of a child in the bizarre series of events in October 2005, was slapped with the newest and most serious charge after police received the results of a pathology report.

"It's horrifying," the dead baby's dad said, holding her twin brother in his arms.

Asking not to be identified, the man said he didn't know Lee was pregnant when the two were dating last year, and her large size made it easy to conceal a pregnancy.

It wasn't until three days after the birth -- and death -- of the baby girl that Lee was suddenly rushed to the Barrie Hospital with abdominal pains and gave birth to the second baby, he said.

Puzzled medical staff found tearing of the vaginal walls and a second umbilical cord, he said.

"Police were contacted because there was a concern that the birth of its twin may have been concealed by its mother," Barrie Police Sgt. Dave Goodbrand said, noting police later found the first baby dead but didn't charge the mother with murder at that time.

"It was hell," said the father. "I didn't know what was going on " ...first I find out that I'm a father, then I find out I have a baby that died."

Lee, a former teacher's aide, is battling the baby's dad for custody of their baby boy.

"I'm so afraid they won't let me have him. It's a mother's world, not a father's world," he said.

"I look at my little guy and I think, oh my gosh, what would have happened to him if he was born the same time as his twin? It's a blessing that he's here and I count that blessing every day."

There was a publication ban on the evidence heard at her bail hearing.

Lee will be back in court on Dec. 6.

Source: Toronto Sun

Addendum:The Barrie Police Service Media Release (pdf) is available online.