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Man Killed Defending Family

June 28, 2006 permalink

Yesterday another man was killed by police, this time in Aromas California, while using force to defend his family against social workers.



from the website of CBS 5 San Francisco


Monterey County Sheriff's deputies fatally shot a man this afternoon after he allegedly charged them while swinging a pickax.

Sheriff's officials say they received a report at 3:03 p.m. that two San Benito County Child Protective Services employees had just been assaulted at 130 Carr Ave. in Aromas and were standing at a pay phone in the parking lot of the Old Firehouse Market off Carpentaria Road in Aromas.

Deputies met with the victims, who told them they had gone to the Carr Avenue residence - which is in the jurisdiction of neighboring San Benito County - to conduct a follow-up investigation on a child abuse case. While interviewing people inside the home, they were suddenly attacked by a family member, they told deputies.

The victims said the family member - later identified as 44-year-old Gene Velasquez -- yelled and swore at them before chasing them out of the home by swinging a large pickax and telling them he was going to kill them.

Velasquez allegedly chased the two victims to their county vehicle. The victims told deputies that as they drove away, Velasquez broke out their passenger window with his pickax, narrowly missing the victim in the passenger seat.

Sheriff's officials said that while deputies were interviewing the victims, Velasquez showed up in the market parking lot. He allegedly approached the deputies, yelling he was going to "kill them all" and swinging the pickax in a threatening manner.

According the Sheriff's Office, Velasquez ignored repeated orders to drop the pickax and continued to advance toward the deputies. One of the officers then attempted to stun Velasquez with a Taser gun, but this had no effect on him, the Sheriff's Office reported.

"Velasquez instead shook off the (Taser) and continued his approach toward the deputies, violently swinging the pickax, at which time two deputies discharged their duty weapons," the Sheriff's Office said in a written statement.

Velasquez was struck and fell to the ground. Officers began CPR. Responding paramedics later pronounced him dead at the scene.

The three deputies involved in the incident were identified as Jesus Reyes, Gustavo Hernandez and Sabrina Hawkins. They have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Source: CBS 5 San Francisco