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Jail for (name banned)

September 9, 2006 permalink

The mother in the Kingston casinternment family is is now being ordered to jail, unless she corrects her contempt before September 15. The contempt seems to be posting names on the internet, and hiding her runaway son. According to her own statement below, the boy ran away from CAS, not from her, and she does not know his whereabouts. The website complies with the laws of Ontario by blotting out the names of all family members, but that is not enough for CAS — they want the names of their own workers (not restricted by legislation) removed. Ontario needs a family to stand up in court for the right to mention their own names. This family too poor for counsel will not be the one.

CAS seems to want jail someone for a website, terrifying their other victims. They failed with Aneurin Ellis, but could succeed in this case. In the future, CAS websites may be limited to those families able to hire a lawyer.

Here is the mother's typed version of the judge's order, verbatim with misspellings.



9/8/2006 5:24:55 PM

I just received the endorsement from judge Belch.

3. Following this Court’s finding that XXX XXX is in breach of the CFSA and the order of Justice Brennan of march 8, 2006 and thereby in contempt of that order, XXX XXX is directed to reframe from any future publications and is to immediately remove from her internet site any material identifying anyone involved in these child protection proceedings. The removal is to be completed by September 15, 2006 and if it is, then XXX XXX contempt motion is to be purged. In the event that XXX XXX ignores this court order, there shall be a warrant to issue for her arrest and she is to be returned to this court for determination of penalty pursuant to rule 31 of the Family Law Rules.

2. Delivery of (son) to the care of the Children’s Aid Society by September 15, 2006 will purge XXX XXX conduct in failing to follow the November 10, 2005 order of Justice Sheffield. In the event that XXX XXX does not comply with the said order, there be a warrant to issue for her arrest and XXX XXX is to be returned to this Court for determination of penalty to rule 31 of the Family Law Rules.

4. A copy of this Order is to be served upon the internet providers of XXX XXX together with a copy of s. 45(8) of the CFSA.

I have never read in the CFSA that you could not publish CAS workers names or the name of the society. I read that you cannot publish your or your children's names, which I have followed.

The CAS lost my son. I do not know where he is. They want to throw me in jail for something that is their fault. he never ran away from me.

Source: Canada Court Watch discussion board