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Website Blocked

September 15, 2006 permalink

Today the website casinternment went down. The domain name, registered by TUCOWS INC, is on status REGISTRAR-LOCK. Today was the deadline for the website owner to remove the site or go to jail. We have no way of knowing whether she removed the site herself, or CAS bullied the webhost. The Russian mirror site is still available, though it takes several minutes to load a page.

Addendum: Here is a message from the Canada Court Watch forum purportedly from the owner of casinternment. It confirms that she took down the site herself. It is in the form of a reply to another member with screen name FYI.



Re: ON FIXCAS Date Posted: 9/17/2006 1:20:18 AM


You must have misunderstood what you read. I am ordered to, with the threat of jail, not to name CAS workers, lawyers, Judges. I am ordered to not publicize any information on my court matters, that includes posting here on this forum even under an assumed name. My post here today will be used against me in the next affidavit and will be used as evidence of my contempt and used to try to jail me.

It is used against me that Courtwatch posted a letter my son wrote to the judge. This did not identify my son, it of course was regarding my case. I received a new affidavit today that states the front page of site is available on fixcas. This does not identify my family or children, this is publicizing the case and this was in an affidavit given to me today to support my contempt and reason to jail me in court next Thursday. If I ask for advice on this forum or discuss my case it is against court order, even if I do not identify myself and children. As I say even if I use a pen name, If they can figure out it is me I will be in contempt. I was even blamed and accused of writing a post in this forum last March that I had never seen before. It was someone else's.

The postings I made and other people made this week regarding my case on this forum are in this new affidavit and will be used in court for contempt and for the purpose of supplying evidence to have me jailed. Also in evidence against me is any other web site who mentions anything to do with this case. Even if I myself have no knowledge of this website. They wish not only to control me but everybody else. They expect me to be aware of and be responsible for what everybody else is doing. This is a totally unreasonable and impractical order.

I am ordered back to court next Thursday with this evidence of contempt and to attempt to jail me.

This is not about protect children's identities. This is a gag order to protect themselves and to intimate us for speaking out critically against them. If they are successful with me, everybody could be next. Everybody who reaches out for help, understanding or advice on this forum or others. Every web site that speaks out will be targeted. In my affidavits court watch and fixcas are targeted. Every body who speaks out critically for change can be jailed.

Courtwatch and fixcas and any media could not effectively function if they were bared by law not to publish names of judges or workers or any information on individual cases. We need to be able to publish injustices, not be afraid to speak out about them. This case could make a precedent for that. They could go after more people for stating opinion or asking for advice on this site.

If you too, FYI are before the courts, you could also one day be in contempt for your above post. If you mentioned any thing of your case on here you too could be targeted and held in contempt. I think I know who you are, and I believe you have published here information on your case when you were distraught. You then are as much in contempt of this law as myself.

In the affidavit that was given to me today the Frontenac CAS says that they hire people to work in what they call their "information technology department." What they do is surf the net and try to find anyone who has spoken out and report on them. I am obviously a threat and am targeted by there stalking and harassing.

This has nothing to do with identifying children. This has to do with silencing criticism and intimidating people and trying to stop us from organizing and informing people of the changes needed in this out of control child protection industry.

What they are scared of is that I will be a successful threat to them with valid and well documented corruption in their system. That I can and will expose it. I am learning and getting better. I took down casinternment at 12 oclock, by the court order. Casinternment will be up again. It will be better. There will be no law they will be able to use against me although I am sure they will try in their will to protect themselves. I think I know what to do to make it better, just the facts and shorter. What they said in there affidavit. What they said on tape. The total conflicting mess of their own records and affidavits. This is why they are after me, because they think I will do a good job. They are right.

So not to piss on your crusade but your information is wrong. The truth of what they are attempting to do is very scary and you should be very scared at the obstruction of all of our rights and our ability to organize and bring attention to a government organization that is out of control.

Source: Canada Court Watch discussion board
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Comment: The post ends with a good point, the statements most damaging to Children's Aid are their own. The mother has less to fear than she thinks from jail. Fathers are jailed for years in family cases without public notice, but jailing mothers attracts the kind of attention that leads to their release, and reform.