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Voice of DCF Victims

August 9, 2006 permalink

A Florida father, Greg Pound, has assembled an hour and a half of video of parents recounting their experiences with Pinellas County (St Petersburg) DCF.

Among the reasons cited for taking children from their parents:

  • a neighbor's dog bit a child
  • prescription drugs mimicked illegal drugs on a test
  • a vindictive neighbor's complaint
  • a dad tripped on a cord, accidentally breaking his son's leg
  • spanking
  • A Christian mother kept her eighth grade daughter from last chance dance
  • a young mom left six-month-old twins with her sister, treated as abandonment
  • a dad had a heart attack, after recovery DCF wants to keep his child
  • refrigerator under repair

Some of the stories included:

  • A lawyer told his client not to go court because of a postponement. The client was criminally charged for failure to appear.
  • A parent was required to prove that he taught a six-year-old child about lesbian and gay sex.
  • A mother said all evidence against her family was lies, except the names.
  • A mother requesting how to get her children back was told by the DCF lawyer in court: "She knows she has a problem, so she should know what to do".
  • A mother in the maternity ward was told to sign adoption papers for her newborn, or her other children would be taken. The workers told her: "They both had blond hair and blue eyes, and they would go quick".
  • A six-year-old boy remembered his grandmother's phone number, now contrives to get into the hospital, the only place he can make a call.
  • A mother reported her daughter was taken into state care, got pregnant, was denied pre-natal care, the baby boy was premature, and died shortly after birth.
  • A father reported seeing his baby son in a nursery with dozens of other babies, cared for by teenagers. The boy was soaking wet from poor care. Police would not rescue the baby.
  • Therapists reported on a grandmother, before seeing her.
  • A mother spent years jumping though hoops to get her children, but they were not returned.
  • A mother reported her previous criminal history was limited to an expired dog tag. Her husband was forced out of the house, and eventually driven to suicide. (a real shotgun divorce).
  • A mother spent six months in jail, then charges were dropped.
  • A 17-year-old boy was before a juvenile court judge for a half hour, subjected to such abuse that he passed out and had to be carried away from the courthouse by ambulance.
  • Foster parents who were addicted to drugs sent the foster kids out to steal in support of their habit.
  • Several parents reported abuse of their children while in foster care. Older kids run away from the foster homes.
  • A boy was charged with felony possession of a toy gun.