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Teen Cures CAS Fraud

July 13, 2006 permalink

We earlier reported on the case of Raymond Paquette, stolen from his parents without cause and placed for hasty adoption to forestall reunification. Here is the latest statement from Raymond, now eighteen years old.



Teen claims CAS committed fraud and returns cheque for over $12,000 to Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

(July 11, 2006) 18-year-old Raymond Paquette of Ottawa came to Toronto yesterday to return a cheque for $12,456.69 to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, a cheque which Mr. Paquette told Court Watch was issued based on false statements by CAS workers with the Lanark, Ontario Children's Aid Society.

The 18-year-old boy wrote on his cheque, " I, Raymond Paquette am returning this cheque because it was issued under false pretences and fraudulently against my name by the Lanark CAS. The young man came from Ottawa to deliver the cheque in person to the CICB in Toronto."

According to this young man and his step-father, they have copies of applications to the CICB which support what they believe is just the tip of a massive multi-million dollar creative accounting scheme involving CAS agencies and government bureaucrats. CAS applied for money for his siblings based on false statements as well said Mr. Paquette. "Money is being applied for under the name of children and the money is put into accounts controlled by the Attorney General, yet in cases such as ours, the parents and children, know nothing of this money," said the father, Mr. Jack Hepworth. A full story to follow.

Raymond said that as far as he was concerned, the CAS was a corrupt agency and that his life has been hell because of their involvement with his family. He has launched a multi-million dollar civil action against- the CAS and personally against several of the CAS workers.

Source: Canada Court Watch