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Mother Alienated

August 6, 2006 permalink

Parental Alienation refers to one parent getting a child to hate or fear another parent. Usually it occurs in divorce cases, but here Children's Aid did it to a mother.




Date Posted: 8/6/2006 3:48:00 PM

My kids finally decided they wanted to see me after months of nothing, so I took them to the beach. We got talking and I was utterly amazed as they spilled all this garbage at me. They spoke of incidents where I had disciplined them in our home before they were stolen away from me, but oh my gosh how the stories had changed, they had plumped the stories up with all kinds of crap that had obviously been fed to them over the past almost two years in care. Things like a simple slap on the bum was now me throwing my child against a wall, and when she was bent down on the floor cleaning up some spilled jam and I helped her up (cause she has cerebral palsy) I apparently pulled her up by her hair. One thing I will give the ministry credit for, they have wild and wonderful imaginations. Those poor babies of mine have actually been brainwashed into believing what the ministry has said, that I am a bad mother. I was so excited to hear that they wanted to see me "unsupervised" but was so devastated at what I heard come out of their mouths. We had always been very close but now it was like talking to complete strangers. I have no idea where to go with this, or what to think. My heart is broken, yet again

— Hurting Mom

Source: Canada Court Watch message board. The posting is anonymous and cannot be traced or authenticated.

Note: It could be worse. Julie Phillips had ten children taken from her in Indiana. She had to watch a teenaged daughter carry a sign in a street demonstration denouncing her mother.