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Adult Fears Child

August 21, 2006 permalink

This story of a teacher's aide afraid to defend herself against a six-year-old student shows that concern for child protection has become so excessive that schools cannot keep the peace.



6-year old beats up teacher's aide in Pasco County

NEW PORT RICHEY - A Pasco County teacher's aide has been hospitalized after being attacked by a very young student.

The attack happened at Schrader elementary located on Little road and State Road 54 in Pasco County.

Deputies say the 6-year old got into an argument with another student over an MP3 player, and decided to go home.

As he was walking across a playground, a teacher's aide tried to stop him and the boy went ballistic.

"He head-butted her, he kicked her. This was all in the mouth area, so she did sustain some serious injuries to the mouth. He threw some obscenities at her. I believe he also said he was threatening to kill her," says Doug Tobin of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say she was so badly hurt, she was rushed to the hospital.

Yvonne Lyons of the Classroom Teacher's Association says, "I think always in the very back of a teacher's mind is: Am I going to be accused of something if I grab this kid or push this kid, could I have child abuse charges hanging over my head.".

Deputies say they have no plans right now to charge this boy with any kind of a crime.

They say right now what he needs is counseling.

WFTS-TV, Tampa-St Petersburg Florida