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August 18, 2006 permalink

Here is the latest from Georgia mother Rachel Bortz, who got child protectors in her life following the accidental death of her child.



What ELSE Do They Think They Are ENTITLED To?

Well, not even a week after the last visit (July 24), Annette showed up to do another random visit (July 31). This time, it seems, they are beginning to change their direction.

First, she began by asking the usual questions about whether Jackson was attending his speech and OT appointments, and whether I was going to homeschool him. Then she began asking questions such as whether Don was still working, how Don and I were doing relationship-wise, and then started asking questions related to my pregnancy and our upcoming addition. She asked if I was going to breastfeed, and then told me that she would need my prenatal records so she could confirm that I was getting prenatal care, "as not getting prenatal care could be considered maltreatment."

It drives me nuts that they believe they are entitled to so much personal information. Of course I am seeing my doctor regularly, but I think they are getting ridiculous in their questions. Last I checked, this was my marriage, my health, my grief process, MY CHILD! What is going on in the world that makes it ok for a perfect stranger to ask such personal questions?

I am praying that the next few weeks pass quickly, and that the Judge puts an end to this ridiculousness. Please continue with your prayers, and we would love to see you in court August 29th (I believe it is in the afternoon this time). Thank you everyone, for your continued support. I will update again very soon.

— Rachel Bortz

Bortz family website

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