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Father Disrupts Montreal Traffic

May 10, 2006 permalink

An impostor claiming to act for F4J has blocked traffic in Montreal.



Man snarls traffic on Jacques Cartier bridge

A father demonstrating next to the Jacques Cartier bridge caused some major headaches for motorists all day long Wednesday.

He climbed up a billboard next to the bridge just after 1 o'clock in the morning, prompting the SQ to close the span to all southbound traffic.

The man, Mario Morin, says he wants more custody rights over his daughter. He also says he has been falsely accused of child molestation and spent five years in prison.

Longueil police spokesperson Gaetan Durocher says the man may be emotionally unstable.

"Sometimes this man looks like he's 4-years-old. He's really hyper, and sometimes he's really calm," Durocher told The New 940 Montreal.

"We have negotiators trying to establish contact with this man."

The custody rights group Fathers 4 Justice says the Morin is not associated with their organization.

Spokesperson Andy Srougi joined us on the air earlier this morning and says he is familiar with Morin's situation.

"The individual is a little bit incoherant, he's very depressed," said Srougi. "The [Department of Youth Protection] removed his daughter from his custody. It's been very difficult for him. There's no help for him, and as a result you have to understand that when someone goes through this and doesn't get the necessary help it just gets worse."

Source: 904news

Addendum: The action ended after 26 hours with the descent of Mr Morin.