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More on Membership Denial

June 2, 2006 permalink

The following letter shows the latest frustration in John Dunn's effort to get a membership in the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa.



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Friday, June 02, 2006

Pierre Viger – Director, Professional Standards
Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa
1602 Telesat Court, Gloucester, Ontario, K1B 1B1

RE: Letter Regarding Conduct of John Dunn with Pierre Viger

Dear Pierre Viger,

I have applied for a membership with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa and at this time my membership application has been denied by the Board of Directors or a sub-committee thereof without an explanation of the reason(s) for their decision. I am currently attempting to have a meeting with the Board of Directors or a sub-committee thereof for the purpose of clarifying with them the reason(s) for their decision and to see how I can work to meet the eligibility requirements for membership with the Society.

Having said that, I would like to request from you a letter which either confirms or denies -- with detailed explanations of your responses and/or observations -- my conduct with you during the events as laid out in the paragraphs below. I will use this letter during a meeting with the Board of Directors in my attempt to have a fair hearing for the purpose of clarifying to the Board that I have not in fact acted in a vexatious or malicious manner toward you.

Client Support Person – Complaint Review Meeting

During a complaint review meeting between yourself, Marion Roberts and a Children’s Aid Society client (Client Name Was Here in Original Letter) at the Society’s office, you will recall that I was there in the capacity of a “Client Support” person. When you entered the room, I stood up, shook your hand, and greeted you politely, and did the same with Marion Roberts. As the meeting progressed, at one point I offered a suggestion to the client, and was quickly quieted by Marion Roberts who told me that my role as a support person was to be in attendance, but not to talk openly during the meeting, and that if I wanted to talk I had to ask that the staff leave the room and that I could then proceed to communicate with the CAS client of which I was there to support. After doing so, I could then ask the staff to return and reconvene the meeting. Upon being informed of this protocol I agreed to remain silent and sat quietly during the meeting. When the meeting was over, I left without incident what so ever.

Complainant – College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

As you will recall, I also launched a complaint naming you as the defendant with the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers regarding the fact that you did not send me a copy of the Society’s complaint procedure after I had made three requests from you for a copy of it, which was in violation of the Child and Family Services Act, 1990, c. C-11, ss. 68(1) prior to the proclamation of Statues of Ontario, 2006, c. 5, ss. 26. During the investigation of this complaint, I was courteous, fair and professional with you as evidenced in the complaint materials and correspondence, and even offered positive words in the written complaint regarding the professional and courteous manner in which you conducted yourself towards me while we were in the room together during our initial meeting mentioned above. Once the investigation was completed and the College deemed it to be outside of their jurisdiction, I did not harass or bother you any further regarding this or any other matter.



John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care council of Canada

Source: email from John Dunn