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Help Ombudsman Watch CAS

March 4, 2006 permalink

Opposition to revisions to the Child and Family Services Act has come mainly from the NDP — most CAS victims are the kinds families supporting the NDP. While defeat of the entire bill is unlikely, adding a provision for ombudsman oversight is possible. You have an opportunity to help this happen by sending your story to Andrea Horwath (NDP), MPP for Hamilton East. The details are in an email below from Dolores Sicheri.



There is a great battle being fought as we speak in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario regarding Bill C210. It involves the rights of children and families. The NDP are trying to amend the Bill to provide an independent review process through the Ombudsman. If we do not speak up to demand a review process, they will fail.

Please email Andrea Horwath MPP today with your personal story regarding CAS. Her fax number is: 416-325-2770

Bill C210 will put in place onerous legislation which will give CAS complete responsibility for the welfare of children with no accountability or transparency.

I will quote Mr. Runciman in the debate:

"Referencing some of the discussion that has occurred related to this issue and the legislation itself, but the issue generally with respect to adoption, I know that my colleague Mr. Jackson from Burlington, who has been a strong advocate in terms of protection of children in this province, has raised a number of issues surrounding the legislation, a number of issues and questions surrounding the intent here. I know that he has raised the issue of the legislation being essentially a cost-containment strategy and not a child welfare outcomes issue."

When you email Mrs Horwath, adding to the cc field will keep us informed as well.