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Mail for Andrea Horwath

March 24, 2006 permalink

In this letter for Andrea Horwath, the author wants all details published, including her family picture. There have been other cases in which parents were required to make "Sophie's Choice": Which of your children do you want to keep?



Flournoy family
The Ryder-Flournoy children, from the left Chance 5, Austyn 8, Pierce 7 holding Chaselyn 2 and Tanner 4.

CAS in this province needs to have a watchdog on them. They need someone they have to be accountable to for everything they do. I am now involved with to expose the Rainy River Distict of NW Ontario CAS offices especially the one in Atikokan.

I have only the two children back, the other three are now crownwardships with access ... access that never happens because I live so far away and they don't want phone access because my children's behaviour gets so bad after talking to us ... gee wonder why? Could it be bc they want to come home and are being abused there?

I was made to sign papers saying I did all these terrible things to my children which I DID NOT and my rights have been violated just to get two back because the judge was retiring and couldn't continue with the trial. I was forced to do this. They were taken on an unverified allegation that wasn't even against me two years ago. How they could be taken and made crown wards on a unverified allegation that wasn't against me in the first place I have no idea. They told the judge in the beginning it was verified though and through the little of court trial we had we found out and its on court record that it was never verifed at all. They lied to the court and judge to be able to steal my children. They lied and tricked me and the courts to illegally steal my children.

Their excuse has come down to this .. I can't possibly look after five children, I made a poor decsion marrying an abusive man in the past and divorcing him (meaning I can't manage five children as a single parent) that the three children in care supposedly have disabilities and I can't supply their needs, disbilities they didn't have when they lived with me. They have two of them drugged up on very very dangerous drugs (Seroquel and Clobazam) in my opinion just to control their behaviour because they want to come home and I have the doctor's records to prove it and there has never been a diagnosis made to warrant drugs.

My one son is so doped up on drugs that he was hit by a car last summer while in these people's care and assulted by a fosterparent and it's on record in court and we also believe sexually abused. The third they said they are sure they will find something wrong with him at some point. They separated them all and from the two I have and me for the last two years, they have destroyed our lives. I'm contacting media of all kinds and mp's, mla's and the ombudsman to get people to listen to whats going on at that office.

Relatives in BC have been trying to get custody of the kids but were told by cas they aren't gonna let any family have them, that they are gonna stay in their care .. ummm aren't family supposed to be allowed and isn't it law that children be placed with responsible family should they come forward? The law society in Ontario won't even return any correspondence by lawyers in BC hired by family to get the kids. I'm moving back to BC in the summer, the children will have no family or ties to this province whatsoever if those people keep them and they refuse to move them anywhere out of the district .. mmmm .. must mean they really really need the extra money they are getting for them.

This agency in Atikokan Ontario has done this to several and I mean several other women in the same town. The Native Friendship Society has told me such and that none of the women they had taken the kids from EVER got any back.

I wonder how they can sleep at night, I cry myself to sleep most nights .. oh ya right .. everyone knows the more kids in care and the more who "supposedly" have problems the more money they get for them. If you don't have money to fight them you are an easy target when it comes to your children. It all comes down to money .. not what's right or what's best for the kids and family.

April Flournoy
Box 809
Manitouwadge Ontario P0T 2C0