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CAS Fights Back

March 16, 2006 permalink

Our observer in Hamilton reports that CAS is fighting back against the calls for Ombudsman oversight. The following is an account of the TV coverage on Wednesday, March 15:



As a social worker goes into a house to apprehend a baby and young child, it's reported she is stabbed in the hands. The camera crew has her on the news wrapped hands and all, dozens of cops all over the place, parents pinned to the house, mom's hands behind her back, looks extremely distressed and in pain, getting arrested, there are a bunch of concerned area residents (all home in the middle of the day) telling the reporter about the goings-on at the house, people going in and out at all hours and in and out though windows.

It is reported to be the messiest most disgusting home anyone has ever entered, but no film of the inside. Four police offices had to go back to the station to be treated for lice. Lice?

I worked for public health — lice don't fall from ceilings and you don't get them from entering a home, they are not that easily transmitted in adults. But it makes the apprehension seem all so extremely urgent. And how did the camera crew get there to see it all unfold? If indeed the parents are spending the night in a jail, they should be charged in the morning with the assault on the social worker, since I assume this would be in a criminal court. Is it not public record?

Addendum: The Hamilton Spectator had a similar story. A woman was arrested for defending her family against CAS. Failure to name the woman makes independent verification impossible.



CAS workers attacked, mom charged

A Hamilton mother has been charged after Children's Aid Society workers were attacked.

Police were called to a William Street home after two CAS workers had gone to pick up two children Wednesday.

While a worker went into a bedroom to get clothes for the kids, the 25-year-old mother allegedly got into an argument with the other worker, then pushed and hit her. Police say the other worker rushed from the bedroom and was attacked.

Police say the mother then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and swung it at one of the workers, slightly cutting her hand. The other worker managed to rush out of the home with her cellphone and call police.

The mother was charged with assault with a weapon and two counts of assault.

Source: Hamilton Spectator