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F4J Canada Approaches Candidates

January 20, 2006 permalink

Fathers-4-Justice Canada is still alive. Kris Titus has appeared as Wonderwoman in F4J demonstrations in the Toronto area. Today she approached the leaders of the parties in next week's Canadian federal election. Liberal leader Paul Martin rebuffed her enquiries while Conservative leader Stephen Harper was more receptive.



January 20, 2006

Hi all. Kris Titus and I went to Oshawa's Judy Longfield's riding office where they had Paul Martin giving a speech. After the speach, Kris was able to very briefly speak a few words about our cause.

Then we decided to go to Colbourg with Gary for Paul Martin's next stop. As we got there, the RCMP recognized wonder women and asked her why she was there and then asked what she has planned. Needless to say, the RCMPs were very nervous. In the end, we got to tell Paul Martin that we need equal rights for children and fathers after divorce. But, as in Oshawa, no real response from him.

I got on the phone with Kris this afternoon and she told me that she was able to speak to Stephen Harper and his entourage at a stop in Toronto this morning and they were very receptive to what she had to say. Kris told me that she was going to be at this evening's conservative rally in Oshawa and will let me know about her evening later on tonight or tomorrow.

Just wanted to keep you informed.


Source: Guy Lavigne