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CCAS Experiences Wanted

January 19, 2006 permalink

Another CBC reporter is requesting information, this time about the CCAS of Toronto. John Dunn has asked to have this enquiry distributed as widely as possible.



Dear Mr. Dunn,

My name is Gillian Findlay and I work for the CBC-TV investigative program, 'the fifth estate'. I was given your name and email address from Amanda Reed.

I'd been in touch with Amanda because we are looking into doing a one hour documentary about the short, sad life of Jeffrey Baldwin - with particular emphasis on the failings of the CCAS.

I gather from your website that this is an issue near and dear to your heart as well.

I am very interested in talking to you about all of this and wonder if you might be available for a chat in the next few days.

I'm completely at your disposal.

The best number to reach me at is my office: 416-205-5521. Please call collect.

If you'd prefer, you can email me back with a time that would be convenient for me to call you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Gillian Findlay
host - 'the fifth estate'
CBC Television
416-205-5521 (w)