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Foster Punishment

January 19, 2006 permalink

In this case a judge acted on knowledge universally understood but never uttered: that foster care inflicts harm on a child. In this case, the harm was punishment for a crime.



12-Year-Old Sentenced In Carjacking

3 Children Inside Car When It Was Forcibly Taken

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 12-year-old boy was sentenced in Wyandotte County Juvenile Court Wednesday for a carjacking in August 2005.

Court papers show that on Aug. 25, Chico Kelley carjacked a Honda Accord at Fifth Street and Quindaro Boulevard. Three children were sitting in the vehicle at the time; their mother was inside a nearby store. After forcing the children to exit the car, the then-11-year-old got in and drove away.

A judge found Kelley guilty of aggravated robbery. KMBC's Robb Yagmin reported that Kelley was sentenced to one year with a foster family. He must also pay $300 in damages and perform 20 hours of community service.

"I asked the juvenile be placed in the juvenile version of prison. It's a locked facility," said Vicki Meyer, Wyandotte County Assistant District Attorney.

"I feel it was a cry for help. It's about the environment he was in and he was looking for attention. It was a call for help," said Geneva Brown, whose son was in the carjacked Honda.

"A lot of people have sympathy for Chico because he's 11. As a parent, it pulls at your heart," Meyer said.

The victims of the carjacking said that they accept and agree with the sentence.

"I forgive him. He's a young kid, searching for love. Something's lacking in his life," said Penny Brown, whose car was taken.

Yagmin reported that Kelley's mother was in court and cried throughout the hearing. The judge said she must go to parenting classes if she wants her son back. She must also demonstrate that the home is crime- and drug-free.

Source: Kansas City Channel