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Police Harass Dissent

April 6, 2006 permalink

Last Sunday, April 2, near Ottawa Frank Mailly killed his wife, three children and himself. The social services system responds to these cases by vilifying fathers, and demanding more control over their conduct. Fathers groups on the internet have been discussing an alternative view, that the social services system pushed the father beyond his endurance, leading to the murder/suicide. For example, less than a month before the deaths, the parents tried to reconcile, but the courts refused them permission to vary a restraining order.

Police are now cracking down on advocates of the alternative view. Here is a letter from a separated father giving his experience.



Thursday 6th April 2006

This writer Jeremy Swanson - Fathers and Men's Rights Activist of Ottawa was "visited" by the Ottawa police today at 3.00 pm today. The "visit" was linked to the Frank Mailly murder-suicide. I was not charged with anything nor am not implicated in, linked to or regarded as being any part of the crime. But I was questioned for over 30 minutes.

I am not aware that this visit may be part of any larger 'crack-down' on Fathers Rights Activists. However I do understand that other Ottawa activists have also received "visits" by the Ottawa Police today. I am not sure of the extent of the "raids" at this time as I am still somewhat in a state of some confusion and surprise. I did not give, offer or issue any information other than in reply to the questions I was asked and which affected me directly. I told them that Fathers, Men and Ottawa activists like all of the rest of you are only fighting for our constitutional and charter rights. And I told them why.

I was asleep at the time of the visit and at a complete disadvantage. They banged on the door to wake me, ordered my room opened by the mangement and then entered my room without any invitation. I was questioned at length. I was allowed to change and join them in the TV room next door without aggravation. I was treated relatively politely and I was not threatened, treated roughly or discourteously. I was not assaulted in any way. And obviously I was not arrested.

Activism sometimes gets attention as you can see.

This is the time to fight on harder. We need to continue the struggle and intensify it-non-violently and legally but fighting for your rights-and the truth-nevertheless. Remember although the Family Courts do not respect our Charter Rights we are still guaranteed some rights under the Charter and that is the freedom of protest and assembly and association-among many others. There are no indications that these might be denied us. Yet.

I will put out a press release shortly.

Source: Jeremy Swanson

Addendum: The formal press release (doc format).