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Critic Recants

September 30, 2005 permalink

Aneurin Ellis has had his children seized by Children's Aid, getting them back only after a prolonged struggle. He publicly criticized Children's Aid for its treatment of his family.

Peter Ringrose, Executive Director of The Children's Aid Society of Waterloo Region, has sued Mr Ellis twice. Mr Ellis has been assessed costs in the two actions of $10,000 and he was ordered by a judge to apologize in writing or spend 30 days in jail. Earlier this month Mr Ellis issued a letter of apology to the offended parties.

Owing to the diligent action by Mr Ringrose, we now know that Children's Aid does not employ Gestapo tactics, it is not a secret society, since $210 of its $40 million budget is from voluntary donations Children's Aid is a charity, the presence of Mr Kevin Chalk as both a division superintendent of the Waterloo Police Service and president of the board of directors of Waterloo Children's Aid does not make Children's Aid an extension of the police force, nor does Mr Ringrose's past as a probation officer or present as a member of the Community Safety & Crime Prevention Council, and we know that when Mr Ellis's four-year-old daughter said that he put his finger in her vagina she said so of her own volition and not on account of a week of coercion by Joan Allison and Leane Bast. For more on the methods used by Mr Ringrose to cleanse his reputation, we suggest reading Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler.