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CAS: It's like the SS

October 7, 2005 permalink

In language usually reserved for internet discussion groups, lawyer Robert F. Hopkins compared Children's Aid to the Nazi SS. He was talking about the case of Lisa Heughan, who took her own baby from Children's Aid. In addition to time already served, the crown wants another five months in jail, three years probation and mandatory indoctrination (counseling). That should scare mothers off caring for their babies in the future.



October 7, 2005

Kids agency 'like SS'

Ex-model abducted baby


The strange case of former Playboy model Lisa Heughan, who has admitted abducting her child from the CAS, took another odd twist when her lawyer accused the provincial agency of acting like Nazis.

Heughan, 35, was in Old City Hall court for a sentencing hearing on abduction and breach of recognizance.

Her lawyer, Robert F. Hopkins, argued the Children's Aid Society needs to take some responsibility in the case for giving Heughan the opportunity to abduct her baby in mid-April, prompting an Amber Alert.

Heughan was visiting with the baby under CAS supervision. She took the child when a CAS official left the room.

Hopkins said the CAS has acted in a high-handed and arrogant manner towards his client. "It's like the SS," Hopkins said.

That's when Justice Brent Knazan stepped in.

"The SS is a symbol of evil in our century," he said. "You undermine your case when you compare the Ontario Children's Aid (to the SS)."

Hopkins, who characterized his client's legal battle as "David vs. Goliath," said the organization has some negative elements working in it. "It's a force of evil," Hopkins said. "When you get strong groups, power corrupts and sometimes people use it."

He said CAS was heavy-handed when it took away Heughan's child at birth because of an argument his client had with a nurse at St. Michael's -- where the child was born.

Crown attorney Colleen Hepburn has asked for a five-month jail sentence on top of 20 days already served in jail. She also wants Heughan to complete three years probation and undergo counselling.

The hearing will continue.

Source: canoe website

Addendum: The canoe website deleted this item within a day, fast for them. For a possible reason, refer to an earlier press release by the Children's Aid Society of Toronto.