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Plans For Your Children

October 6, 2005 permalink

John Dunn obtained a copy of the document Child Welfare Transformation 2005 (pdf) from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. It is mystifyingly vague on almost every point, but purports to be an outline of plans for the near future in child protection.

One definite fact is:

The number of child abuse and neglect investigations conducted in Ontario has nearly tripled since 1993, expanding from an estimated 45,000 investigations in 1993 to close to 130,000 in 2003.

Statistics Canada reports that the number of births in Ontario during the year ending June 30, 2003 was 129,256. So every child is now a victim of suspected child abuse and neglect.

Later in the report there is a disclosure of a plan to build a dossier of every Ontario child.

6) Single Information System

The Child Mortality Task Force and the coroner's inquests of the late 1990s strongly recommended the implementation of a comprehensive single information system. The Ministry of Community and Social Services along with children's aid societies attempted on two previous occasions to develop one such system. More recently, the Child Welfare Program Evaluation recommended a single information system to support implementation of many of the report's recommended reforms and outlined the advantages of one system over the current multiple systems.

In 2000, a province-wide FastTrack system was established to allow all children's aid societies to determine if referred children and families had been previously reported to another children's aid society.

John: I'm sorry that you haven't received the hard copy, but we'll try it electronically. If you have any problems and/or questions, please contact me at the number below.

Cathy Harrison
Ministry of Children & Youth Services
Policy Development and Program Design
Child Welfare Secretariat
880 Bay Street, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2B6
Tel: 416-325-5109
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