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More on Jack Stratton

October 20, 2005 permalink

So far there is nothing on these incidents other than material from Mr Stratton himself.



"Press Release"


On Tuesday, October 18, 2005, father of ten Jack Stratton appeared at the meeting of the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners / Board of Social Services in Charlotte, N.C. The Board oversees the Mecklenburg County DSS, the entity that seized all ten of Jack and Kathy Stratton's children on January 30, 2001.

Stratton signed up to speak shortly before the televised meeting.

Stratton told the Board that Judge Elizabeth Miller-Killegrew, who announced her resignation on October 12, 2005, had been removed from office due to his massive evidence against her. Stratton, his voice cracking with emotion, told the Board "I've got enough evidence against her to impeach 10 judges." Stratton claimed that Beverly Lake, Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, had become aware of how big a liability Miller-Killegrew had become to North Carolina.

Stratton stated that he now had "two scalps." This was a reference to Miller-Killegrew and former Board Chairman Tom Cox. Several years ago, Stratton charged that Cox's software company had been engaged in numerous contracts with DSS agencies across the State of North Carolina. Cox resigned shortly after Stratton made these charges. Cox has claimed his resignation had nothing to do with Stratton's charges but that he "wanted to spend more time with my family."

Even though Miller-Killegrew can no longer be impeached, Stratton told the Board that she would still be indicted. "You can bet your grandmother's pension on it" an emotional Stratton said.

Stratton told the Board that to show that Cox's and Miller-Killegrew's resignations were not just "coincidences", he would now turn his attention to removing Board Chairman Parks Helms. Stratton then read from what he said was consent forms he had prepared for himself and Parks Helms to take an FBI polygraph test. Stratton stated that he had also prepared a consent form for County Manager Harry Jones to consent to a polygraph test. Stratton said he was sending the consent forms to Charlotte FBI Special Agent in Charge Kevin Kendrick.

Stratton read from the consent form he had prepared for himself and stated that he would take an FBI polygraph test if any of the following persons would also take the test: Parks Helms, Harry Jones, Jim Coman [North Carolina Deputy Attorney General], Sandra Bisaner [Deputy Mecklenburg County Attorney], "Jake" Jacobsen [Mecklenburg County DSS Director], Tyrone Wade [Associate County (DSS) Attorney], Gretchen Caldwell[Mecklenburg County social worker who filed custody petition against the Strattons], Elizabeth Miller-Killegrew, Yvonne Mims-Evans [Mecklenburg County Judge who signed the custody petition to take the Stratton's ten children from another county], or Michael Giftos [Pediatrician who signed medical records Stratton claims he has proof were falsified].

Stratton claimed that he had nothing to fear from a comparative lie detector test because, he said, "I tell the truth 100% of the time and every person on this list [consent to polygraph] is a liar."

Stratton read from the FBI polygraph consent form he had prepared for Helms, which also contained statements Helms had made about Stratton on television and radio:

"I, Park Helms, hereby consent to take an FBI polygraph test. This will provide solid evidence to the FBI that Mr. Stratton's charges are false and will show the FBI and the public that I was truthful when I claimed that: 1) Mr. Stratton's children would have been dead if we had not taken them; 2) What was going on in the Stratton's household before we took his children was worse than sexual abuse."

After reading the above Stratton closed by sarcastically "thanking" the County Commissioners for not having him "indicted." "I'm probably the first person in the history of the United States to have committed such heinous crimes and not been prosecuted."

Neither Helms nor Jones responded to Stratton's challenge to take a lie detector test. "Thank you Mr. Stratton" Helms calmly said as Stratton walked out of the auditorium.

Stratton's statement on television that Helms would be removed from office clearly puts Stratton's credibility on the line. Helms is one of the most powerful and influential politicians in the State of North Carolina and it is difficult to see how Stratton could possibly follow through on his promise to remove Helms.

The county commission meeting is taped and will be replayed on cable and public television numerous times over the next two weeks.

Stratton also previously sent out an email claiming that he had recently been "ambushed" and beaten by 6-10 individuals who also threatened to kill him.

10-19-05 Press Release from Charlotte, N.C.



In a late breaking development, it was learned that Mecklenburg County Commission Chairman Parks Helms had responded almost immediately to Jack Stratton's October 18, 2005 challenge to Helms. Stratton is the father of ten children who were seized on January 30, 2001 by Helms and his DSS. On October 18 Stratton spoke before the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners and demanded that he and Helms both take an FBI polygraph test. Stratton also claimed he would remove Helms from office.

After Stratton finished speaking, Helms appeared so shook up that he introduced the next speaker, a man, as a female. As the man approached the podium, Helms recognized the man as someone he knew.

Helms then sarcastically told the man he had made the mistake because he [Helms] was "shaking in my boots" because of Strattons' challenge to take a lie detector test. Some of Helms fellow board members hooted and howled.

Jack Stratton had already exited the auditorium when Helms made his comments.