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Dead Boy Hidden

October 2, 2005 permalink

The name of a dead Edmonton foster child is being withheld. Concealing his identity will not protect him from emotional harm, but it will protect the social service agency from responsiblity in his death.



October 2, 2005

Boy killed by truck wanted to die?


A 17-year-old boy, killed by a pickup truck as he fled across a highway from a social worker's car, may have wanted to die, says a family friend.

Paul Morin, 38, says he'd gone to visit the teenager at his sister's home on the Enoch reserve, west of Edmonton, Wednesday when it became obvious something was bothering his young friend.

"He was very, very upset, right from the moment I got there," said Morin.

"As we were talking, he just got more and more upset. He said he didn't want to go home. I didn't realize he was in foster care.

"He said he was being abused. Whether it was physically or mentally, I don't know."

Provincial officials say the allegations will be investigated and it's also likely a fatality inquest will be called into the teen's death.

Morin said the teen, who cannot be identified, had been drinking.

The teenager was being driven back to Spruce Grove around midnight Thursday when his social worker pulled to the shoulder of Highway 16A, two kilometres west of Highway 60.

The teen was struck after he jumped out of the vehicle and crossed the divided highway's westbound lanes.

Children's Services spokesman Jody Korchinski said her department would look into the allegations of abuse.

"We take seriously any allegation of abuse or concern into quality of care," she said.

Source: Edmonton Sun

Addendum: The Edmonton Journal published the name of the dead boy, Lloyd Stamp.