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Police Checkpoint Inside Family

November 6, 2005 permalink

Do you want to see your cousin? Get a police check first! The Canada Court Watch report on this new CAS policy is below, including two audio links.



Ontario CAS agency say all families must subject themselves to criminal checks if they even want to speak to their own family members who are in care!

(Oct 2005) Listen to this short audio file of a CAS worker (who it is believed is unlicensed) from an Ontario CAS agency, telling a child advocate who a 12-year-old child in care has asked to speak to for help, that not only would this child advocate, but anyone, including family members, that they would all have to subject themselves to criminal checks from the police before being even allowed to speak to the child. The CAS worker also said that this is the written policy of the CAS! Imagine CAS are now telling families in Ontario that they have to get a criminal check to speak to their own family member who may be in care. Court Watch will keep readers informed when we have obtained a copy of this "written policy" as this young worker claims it is.

This is yet another example of how CAS agencies, violate the rights and freedoms of children and families as part of their campaign to intimidate, abuse and to totally take over a child's mind by separating the child from those he/she trusts and to show the child and the family that the CAS holds all the power. College graduates, often with little or no social work training, routinely abuse their power to separate children from family and friends. There is no law that says that a 12 year-old child should not be able to have contact with someone he knows or trusts, but CAS sure make their own laws which routinely violate the rights of individuals as guaranteed under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the principles of fundamental justice.

Link to CAS worker's statement (MP3 Audio file)

Most who are familiar with the system know that currently it takes about 6 months to get a police check from the RCMP in Ottawa and approximately one month to get a local check from a local police agency which only covers one jurisdiction. Just to verify this the Court Watch advocate called local police to find out how long it does take to get a police check. Below is the link to the response from the local police.

Link to response from local police agency (MP3 Audio file)

CAS workers knowingly put barriers to family members contacting children because this is part of their game to instil fear and to exercise power and control over the child and the child's family. It all begins by taking the child out of his/her home and then showing the child and the parents that the CAS has all the power and that everyone had better do what CAS workers (many who are unlicensed) tell them to do or else they won't get to see their child.

If you are a child or a parent who has had communication restricted by CAS workers at any time in the past or have been threatened with loss of access to your child/parent if you do not do as CAS workers tell you to do, then please contact Court Watch and pass us the names of those CAS workers responsible and the circumstances surrounding these events. We will assist you to take further action.

Source: Canada Court Watch