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Through the Looking Glass

November 2, 2005 permalink

Yesterday Mary Anne Chambers spoke in the Ontario Legislature on the subject of the proposed changes to the Child and Family Services Act, bill 210.

Over the past months we have received three communications from parents who have attempted to join their local Children's Aid Society but been rejected, one in Ottawa, one in Kitchener and one who requires discretion in Hamilton. Sometimes the rejection is without a reason, and once CAS gave the reason that the parent does not support the goals of the society. These rejections prevent opposition from being heard within the membership and make Children's Aid Societies less accountable to the communities they serve. Yesterday Minister Chambers said:

As well, we are changing the way children's aid societies work by not only making them more stable and sustainable, but also making them more accountable to the children and families they serve, to our community partners and to government.

Bill 210 reduces the scope of the formal complaint procedure within CAS by eliminating the right to be heard by the board of directors. Minister Chambers further stated:

Through Bill 210 and the regulations that will follow, we will strengthen the client complaint mechanism to provide a higher standard of accountability.

Many of her other statements bent the truth, but these two stand in direct contravention of the facts.