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Father Charged For Daughter's Call

November 19, 2005 permalink

In March 1996 Oregon child protectors seized five-year-old Melissa Gaston from her father Will Gaston and her stepmother, the late Pamela Gaston. She has been kept away from her parents ever since. The now fifteen-year-old girl called her father this year, resulting in him being charged with stalking. In cases reported in the press, stalking laws are for people who harass celebrities, but their main use is to prosecute parents for seeing their own children. Here is the current state of Will Gaston's case in his own words.



To All:

As a lot of you know my Daughter, Melissa, called me in May... I ask her how she found me and she said she put my name in a search engine,,, I said,"I'll bet that came up a couple hundred times?" She said 37,000 !!!...

Thanks, to all you beautiful people out there... That impressed my daughter... I haven't had a lot of chances to impress my Daughter for a while... And at her invitation I visited her in the Park and in her home... I thought it prudent to have an witness so I took Susan Defletson with me... And she was with me at all times..when I was with my Daughter and I have never called my Daughter, she has always called me...

Well.. to get to it... Marilyn Kay Olson Has charged me with Civil Stalking and I have filed a Motion to Dismiss, you must be the "Moving Party"... and that's the way to do it, and we are scheduled for hearing at 1:15 on November 18, 2005 at JC2 Multnomah County Justice Center, 1120 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland Oregon....

This is a big one for me because it puts me back in Court where I can expose the heinous criminal acts they have committed against my Beloved Daughter ... and her Family Body... To you Court Watchers, it might be interesting, I'll attach the "Motion to Dismiss" and Please be there

... Bro Will

Source: Direct email

Addendum: The court hearing was put off, on December 8 a time and place for the trial will be set, probably to take place December 9.